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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Picks Raytheon Lobbyist as Second in Command at Pentagon

President Obama just announced new ethics laws tightening the restrictions on lobbyists working in government. But get this – ABC’s Justin Rood reports:

‘“Experts and watchdogs say they cannot fathom how President Obama's choice for the Pentagon's second-in-command, currently a lobbyist for a defense giant, could be nominated under the principles of his new ethics rules.

‘“It appears to be a black-and-white case. I am unaware of what makes it so gray in the mind of President Obama," said Winslow T. Wheeler, a former congressional budget staffer now with the Center for Defense Information, on the president's choice of Raytheon lobbyist William J. Lynn to serve as Deputy Secretary of Defense. Wheeler said it would take a "gigantic loophole" to squeeze Lynn, a top executive for defense giant Raytheon who registered to lobby for the company as recently as last June, into the office.

“Obama's executive order, which he signed Tuesday, would appear to ban lobbyists like Lynn from working in executive branch jobs related to the work of their former employers. Moreover, it would force appointees to recuse themselves from any business their former employers might have an interest.

‘"We need to close the revolving door that lets lobbyists come into government freely," Obama said yesterday upon signing the order.

‘"I think they need to re-evaluate [Lynn's appointment] after their strong stance on government openness and ethics," said Scott Amey, of the Project on Government Oversight. His group opposes Lynn's confirmation.”’

To read more on this puzzling development, go here, and let’s hope – there’s that word again – that President Obama will sooner, rather than later, start practicing what he preaches.


  1. VB, this whole thing is so bogus. The executive order only applies to lobbyists who lobby him or his staff, i.e. the executive branch. Don't the bulk of lobbyists lobby Congress, anyway? How many of them camp out in the Oval Office?

  2. Of course there will be a giant "loophole" for anyone who will pay to play.

    That is clear, from the way things go down in Mr. Obama's home state of IL.

  3. Cinie and SYD,

    Thanks for your comments. I just can't believe how much Obama gets away with. He just radiates that boyish smile, and all is forgiven and forgotten.

    I think it was Cinie who pointed out that he is president due to a genius level marketing operation from Day one.

    It is scary.