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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Than Four Thousand Readers Respond To Coverage Of Ann Coulter at The Huffington Post

I submit this post today in the spirit of the Reuters feature, Oddly Enough:

The Huffington Post’s banner headline on the front page today, CBS Takes Out the Trash, refers to right-winger Ann Coulter’s appearance on the Early Show this morning. However, I was drawn to Huffpo’s coverage of Coulter’s efforts to promote the obvious drivel in her new book, Guilty, by the stunning number of readers’ comments. At this writing, 4224 people have taken the time to reply.

According to Huffpo’s latest update at 8:55 a.m. ‘“Coulter appeared on CBS's The Early Show where she told anchor Harry Smith that he was her favorite for having her on this morning after The Today Show had canceled her. Smith allowed Coulter to rant, but then pushed her on claims of right-wing victimization and urged her to ‘take a breath.’ He also called her ‘goofy’ and ‘sophomoric.’”

This morning’s update followed Huffpo’s coverage of Coulter’s earlier interactions with the media, including the cancellation of her appearance on the Today Show and mention of the campaign of liberal watchdog Media Matters.org asking, Is NBC Going to Help Coulter Sell This Book?

But the real story here is about Huffpo’s readers:

Evidently not realizing that page views and readers’ comments dictate to a large extent coverage at blogs like Huffington Post, one reader wrote (errors included), “I am staring to get a little cynical about HP. This has been the main story for a long time and is really a non story about a media person. Is HP getting too self absorbed?”

Here are a few additional samples of comments taken off the top:

“I must say she is truly sassy smarmy sub-filth -- even laughing on Alan Colmes' radio show LAST NIGHT -- January 5, 2009 -- that gay people's only need for marriage versus civil right was "to visit each other in the hospital"....OY what a twisted wreck of a human she is.”

“Why do shows continue to host this person?”

“Ann need not look further than Sara Palin and her daughter for evidence that illegitimacy is not a liberal issue.”

“Right, Anne. George Bush is a victim. Right. That's a good one.”

“Good for NBC for cancelling. Really tired of hearing conservatives bash everything that is not them or their ideology. Harry did a good job patronizing her--she looked shrill and deflated by the end of it.”

“That is one psychotic piece of work, that woman is dangerous. One of these days we will read about her and a wild eyed rampage. Who would pay good money to read that garbage,..........another psychotic piece of work of course.”

‘“The controversial author accused the network of orchestrating a "set up to block me from other TV shows." Ah, so tv appearances are an entitlement now for raving heldenshrikes such as Coulter. I did not know that.”’

“Does she own any other clothes? All she ever wears is that black dress with the boots.”

“I'm sure this has already been said, but I liked her much better with her mouth wired SHUT!”

Oops. I just checked and the number of comments is now up to 4447.

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