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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bill and Hill Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Bill and Hillary Clinton had quite a year in 2008. But it’s America’s good fortune that misogyny, sexism, a biased media, the radical right, the looney left, a fraudulent Democratic primary and a rigged convention couldn’t keep the Clintons down. On New Year’s Eve, Bill and Hill helped lower the ball in Times Square and celebrated the occasion by dancing together.

Now Hillary, with Bill at her side, can look forward to helping the in-experienced Obama shape foreign policy in her role as secretary of state. Considering the global turmoil the Bush Administration leaves behind, we look forward to the dawning of a new era in international relationships.
Go Hillary!

1 comment:

  1. I watched with a tinge of regret... for what could have been.

    But, yes, you are correct. Noone can keep Hillary down! She will do all she can as SoS. And then some!

    Go Hillary!