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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Kellerman: Hillary’s First Day at State “Nothing Short of a Triumph”

Barbara Kellerman of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and author of Bad Leadership and Followership gives Hillary Clinton high praise for her first day on the job at the State Department:

Here’s Kellerman’s lead paragraph (emphasis mine):

“Hillary Clinton's first day at the office was nothing short of a triumph. Greeted by cheering throngs - many of them old hands at the State Department convinced that under her leadership at new day dawned for diplomacy - she did not let them down. Not only did she bring with her the polish and panache of seasoned celebrity, she delivered the message they wanted to hear."

And here’s her conclusion (emphasis mine):

“Obviously, the new Secretary of State has her work cut out for her. She faces great challenges abroad. And she faces great challenges at home - not least of which is managing her outsized team, including men like Richard Holbrooke, who is himself outsized, and used to having wide latitude and direct access to the president himself. Still her presentation of self at State gave evidence yet again of Hillary Clinton's strengths and smarts. Even the big boys would be foolish to underestimate her.”

To read the complete article, go here.


  1. Such a shame that we do not have a president with equal polish and panache, strengths and smarts.

    And that we COULD Have. If it were not for the rigging.

  2. Of course I'm extremely unhappy that the real President is not in the oval office, but I'm happy that Hillary has found another way of serving her country.

  3. Hey, SYD, and Puma for Life,

    I'm not over it yet either. It's a lot to grieve - not only the treatment our candidate received, but also the loss of faith in our political party. This one's going to take awhile.