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Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Obama and Palin have in common

Scanning my posts from 2007-2008 that reveal my outrage, first at the misogyny and sexism targeting Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary and later on in the GE when "progressive" Kos and Huffpost types drew on their endless reservoir of bigotry in their attacks on Sarah Palin,  I feel in sync this morning with Noemie Emery's conclusions in the Washington Examiner, Obama, Palin met fame before they could grow:

Two years ago, two superstars lit up a dazzled political universe -- young, stunning, lissome, and bursting with talent -- and were propelled ahead of their time into prominence, after a minimal time on the national scene. Two years later, it seems as if this has done them no favors: President Obama is widely seen as "overwhelmed" by his office, and Sarah Palin is meeting resistance establishing her credentials as a possible candidate against rivals with rather more seasoning.  
And you know what? I felt compassion for both Obama and Palin, but that doesn't contribute much to the sorry state of the nation at this point in time.

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