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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You gotta love Elizabeth Warren

If you've seen and heard Elizabeth Warren, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,  making the rounds to school the public on financial matters, you have to love her. She dives in during discussions of weighty financial issues with the likes of Jon Stewart and provides clear, cogent explanations for the current state of our economy - plus, she offers a straightforward path to fixing it.

It seems that Warren's grasp of financial matters carries over into her personal life as reported in the upcoming January issue of  Vogue Magazine. Amy Parnes writes in Politico:

Elizabeth Warren is known for her frugality — after all, she's helping the Obama administration whip the financial industry back into shape. Still, her extreme thriftiness might surprise you. During an interview with Warren earlier this fall, Vogue contributing editor Rebecca Johnson was taken aback by one of Warren's money-saving habits.
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