Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In the category of “Duh!”

My mindfulness practice encourages me to think about what I’m doing even when it’s a simple household task. And it happens now and then that I open my eyes and see something that’s definitely in the “duh!” category.

Such was the case some time ago when I was using my oven. After reaching across the stove to retrieve my hot pads several times, I suddenly realized that since I’m right-handed, they should be on the right side of the stove. Duh!

It happened again this morning. I often have several bouquets of cut flowers in my apartment. I freshen them up daily by snipping off the bottoms of the stems, so they can continue to draw up water. Usually, I retrieve one bouquet at a time, carry it to the sink, snip off the stems, and then return it to its place. Suddenly, I realized how much more efficient it would be to take my scissors and a small dish around to each bouquet, snip the stems, and then empty the dish into the trash. Duh!

Hey, it worked!

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