Sunday, June 2, 2013

My hoodie on a chilly day and a federal officer from the airport

I honestly didn't think of the possibility of a connection between my hoodie and the federal officer from the airport who helped me out Saturday, June 1 until I started writing this post. 

Reminding myself that I live in Minnesota, I grabbed a hoodie on my way out when I went grocery shopping. It was early evening and sure enough temps were in the 50s, and the wind was raw.

I paused long enough when exiting the supermarket to put my hood up and tie it under my chin. I anticipated scornful looks from fellow Minnesotans dressed in shorts and Tees and although turning blue, pretending not to notice the cold.

Surprise! On the way to my car in a nearby handicap slot, I got lots of smiles and even a couple of, “Can I borrow your hoodie when you’re done?”

I only recently acquired a handicap parking permit, and I’ve not yet become accustomed to the eagerness with which well meaning folks dash over to help me move my groceries from cart to car trunk - that’s a chore I’m capable of handling myself, especially when I’m dressed appropriately for the weather – with my hood up and all. 

Caught off guard, I’ve said something like, “Well, if you really want to?”

It happened again yesterday. And I didn’t notice until she had almost finished that my latest determined rescuer was wearing what looked like a police uniform. “Who are you with?” I blurted out.

“Oh, I’m a federal officer out at the airport,” she replied.

“What the heck are you doing here?”

Grabbing my empty cart and heading toward the store, she said, “I needed groceries. Have a nice day!”

“You, too!” I shouted into the wind.

Btw, it’s 53 degrees F in St. Paul this morning, and a thunderstorm is predicted. If you go out, you might want to wear a hoodie...

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