Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sen. Gillibrand rises to the occasion(s)


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand talks with Fiore Di Mare owners Redzi Hadzim and Enver Pelinku over lunch Sunday, June 9, 2013 in Great Kills about their efforts to reopen their restaurant after it was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy s.(Staten Island Advance/ Bill Lyons) Bill Lyons

Kirsten Gillibrand was Hillary Clinton’s pick for her replacement as the junior senator from New York. The liberal left initially opposed her appointment as they preferred Caroline Kennedy, a member of the staunch Obama supporting Kennedy clan in the 2008 primary and general election. It must be admitted, however, that since her appointment by Gov. Patterson and her subsequent re-election, Senator Gillibrand has more than lived up to her responsibilities.

There’s not much the left – or anyone else for that matter - can criticize of Gillibrand’s outstanding performance from her proposed legislation to end the sexual abuse in the military to her recent appearance onStaten Island to encourage local business owners to reopen in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.

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