Friday, February 12, 2016

Bernie's perpetual temper tantrum

Image of Bernie Sanders courtesy of the Canadian Dimension.
Watching Bernie Sanders in his perpetual temper tantrum mode, white hair standing on end, waving his arms around, and shouting about starting a revolution, it's hard to imagine him in the Oval Office greeting heads of state from around the world. And yet Senator Sanders, who accomplished next to nothing during his many years in Congress, recently ditched his independent status to formally join the Democratic Party, obviously for personal gain - Bernie needed its backing for his run for the presidency. 

(Did I mention Bernie has zero knowledge of foreign affairs.)

The Blue Nation Review takes a look at Bernie's promised revolution in its article headlined "There is no Bernie revolution: turnout should worry Democrats," Peter Daou writes:

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  1. I find Sanders to be terribly tiresome. He has never appealed to me - I've been muting him for years. He has a great message but that's as far as his appeal goes for me. Hillary's message is more appealing to me - equality for all. Sanders is all about creating the myth - about himself and about what he will do. It works on young people I guess....but anger is a real turn off.

  2. Hi Ms. Becky, it's great to hear from you, and I agree with your comment.