Saturday, February 13, 2016

"Um, Bernie, this ain't beanbag"

via the Boston Globe.
I missed last Thursday's PBS debate between Sanders and Clinton, but Boston Globe columnist Scott Lehigh offers a good summary and interpretation of that event while giving Clinton the win.

Lehigh writes:

THURSDAY NIGHT’S PBS-fest wasn’t a night of political pyrotechnics, but a good solid exchange that showed the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates. I scored it a win for Hillary Clinton.

One of the most dramatic moments came in the last few minutes of the debate, when Clinton, who had wrapped herself in President Obama’s legacy, offered up several critical comments that Sanders had made of the Democratic incumbent.

She expected that kind of thing of Republicans, but not of Democrats, Clinton said.

“Madame Secretary, that is a low blow,” Sanders rejoined.

Um, Bernie, this ain’t beanbag.

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