Friday, February 5, 2016

Clinton/Sanders debate highlights two competing philosophies

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders greet the crowd during the MSNBC Presidential debate in Durham, N.H., Feb. 4, 2016.
Photo by Carlo Allegri/Reuters, courtesy of Maddow Blog.

Hi Katalusis friends, my son and his wife took me out to dinner last night to celebrate my birthday, so I missed the Clinton/Sanders debate. I'm sorry I missed the debate but Rachel Maddow's blog post by Steve Benen summed it up very nicely for me. Benen wrote:

Those hoping for some fireworks in last night’s Democratic debate in New Hampshire weren’t disappointed. In their first one-on-one debate of the cycle, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were fierce advocates of two competing approaches to politics and policy.
But to perceive their aggressive confrontations as some kind of election-year food fight would be a mistake. As MSNBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald reported overnight:
Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate on MSNBC offered the clearest, rawest, and most specific examination of two fundamentally different philosophies about the character and future of the Democratic Party voters have seen yet. […]
Clinton represents one view, calling for continuity and pragmatism, while Sanders represents the polar opposite, with his outspoken calls for “revolution.”
Sanders specifically called for a “political revolution” three times last night, while Clinton made clear from the outset, “I’m not making promises that I cannot keep.” Pressed by Rachel Maddow why, in light of some of the more moderate parts of Clinton’s record, liberal Democrats should support her, Clinton responded, “Because I am a progressive who gets things done. And the root of that word, ‘progressive,’ is ‘progress.’”

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