Thursday, February 11, 2016

Elizabeth Warren's distortion of Hillary Clinton's relationship with Wall Street

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There's a good deal more in Zachary Leven's piece about Hillary Clinton at the Huffington Post than his expose of Elizabeth Warren's falsehoods about Clinton's relationship with Wall Street, but that expose is certainly key.  Leven explains why Warren chose to join the likes of Arianna Huffington and Maureen Dowd, who seem determined to bring Hillary down.

I would ask: are these women jealous that Hillary has repeatedly been voted the most admired woman in the world?

Leven begins his piece at the Huffpo Blog with the Warren example, and he goes on from there:

The case for Hillary Clinton is mostly a matter of rebutting the case against her. Once that's done, you're simply left with the most qualified candidate, and someone who is, by all reality-based measures, progressive (ranked the tenth most liberal senator). And just as important, someone who is capable of achieving results (I'll conclude with the case against Sanders, and there's a very, very strong case to make against him).

We'll start with this specific example, which I think is illustrative of the sorts of attacks we see made on Hillary. It begins with this video of an interview with Elizabeth Warren that's been making its rounds on the internet, you may have seen it:

It's worth watching, but I'll summarize. Warren tells a story about the bankruptcy bill initially supported by the Clinton administration in the 1990s. Warren wrote an op-ed opposing the bill on the grounds that it offered deadbeat dads a mechanism for cheating their ex-wives out of child support, along with a few other issues.

After the op-ed was published, Hillary phoned Warren requesting a meeting. They met in private, and Warren proceeded to educate Hillary on this issue. She said that Hillary was a "quick study" and really "got it." Hillary returned to Washington, and by all accounts, single-handedly turned around the administration's support of this legislation. When the bill reached Clinton's desk, he vetoed it.

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  1. HIllary Clinton stood with the homeowners in 2008 and was AGAINST Parallel Foreclosure, and that is why Wall Street went with Barack Obama. Where was Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren during the Parallel Foreclosure issue?

    1. I agree with you and I never once cared for Lizzy Warren as she was gushing over Hillary last Spring after Hillary announced her running. She was a no show at an all female Senator event for Hillary just to gain attention through media for herself. In January she was with Bernie at one of his rally and that hag Lizzy Warren was praising his Wall Street crap I'm sick of hearing from him and is that all he knows. I Senator Lizzy Warren is no friend of Hillary Clinton and has not endorsed anyone yet but she will be for Bernie, I mean Super Tuesday is next week and Massachusetts votes, Lizzy's state. She is out for her own political ambitions and when Hillary becomes President as I believe she will, Lizzy Borden can take an axe and go f k herself with a tax. She is a billionaire herself the hag.