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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daschle Withdraws from Consideration for H&H Services Post

Kornblut and Kane report at the Washington Post minutes ago:

In a stunning reversal, Tom Daschle withdrew from the process to become secretary of Health and Human Services on Tuesday, citing the distractions that followed his failure to pay $146,000 in back taxes. His decision came as another prominent Obama nominee, Nancy Killefer, withdrew from consideration to be Chief Performance Officer due to similar -- though smaller -- tax lapses.

If this keeps up, Republican colleagues might label Dems something worse than “tax and spend liberals.” How about “tax the people, not us, liberals?”


  1. It's all the fault of a woman, of course:


  2. Hi S.Y.D.

    Question: Was Hillary Clinton the only cabinet appointee actually vetted by the Obama Administration?

    And don't forget, they vetted Bill, too?

    After putting Bill and Hillary - a former president and first lady - through that humiliating process, Obama then dismisses tax evasion, lobbying (William Lynne and Raytheon) etc. by the remainder of his unsavory list of appointees. I mean, after all Daschle was quick to jump on the Obama bandwagon during the primary.