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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obama on Vetting Issues with Male Cabinet Appointees: “Boys will be Boys”

In her must-read post titled The trouble with appointing tax evaders to high positions in government: its a rule of law thing, Georgetown University law professor Heidi Li Feldman compares the Obama Administration’s rule bending to the Bush Administration’s bad faith practices.

Feldman nails President Obama for his dismissive ‘boys will be boys’ attitude toward problems uncovered in the vetting of three of his cabinet appointments: Bill Richardson, Timothy Geithner, and Tom Daschle.


  1. Quite an accurate portrayal. "Boys will be boys" is apparently applied to most of Mr. Obama's male compatriots. Let's see.... Favreau, JayZ, Bernie Mac, Tom Daschle, Tim Geitner.....

    Of course, they "vetted" the life out of Hillary. But that is "different."

    And as for this latest woman who has withdrawn ... notice her offense is "much smaller" than that of da boiz?Yet she steps up tot he plate *before* Daschle??

  2. Hello again,S.Y.D.,

    I replied to your comment on the previous post before I read this one. Is this great minds or what?