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Saturday, February 28, 2009

All Gods Have Clay Feet – Even Left-Wing Idol Barack Obama

Friday evening, I posted a few strong reminders of George W. Bush that came through in Barack Obama’s responses during Jim Lehrer's NewsMaker interview on PBS’ NewsHour.

There was more deja vu to come.

According to Devlin Barrett at the Huffington Post, the Obama Administration got slapped down in court yesterday for defending the Bush wiretapping policy:

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has lost its argument that a potential threat to national security should stop a lawsuit challenging the government's warrantless wiretapping program.

A federal appeals court in San Francisco on Friday rejected the Justice Department's request for an emergency stay in a case involving a defunct Islamic charity.

Yet government lawyers signaled they would continue fighting to keep the information secret, setting up a new showdown between the courts and the White House over national security.

The Obama administration, like the Bush administration before it, claimed national security would be compromised if a lawsuit brought by the Oregon chapter of the charity, Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, was allowed to proceed.

Now, civil libertarians hope the case will become the first chance for a court to rule on whether the warrantless wiretapping program was legal or not. It cited the so-called state secrets privilege as a defense against the lawsuit.

Huffpo’s reader mg moore’s comment was spot on. It accurately summed up typical responses from Obama’s devoted netroots base whenever their idol disappoints them:

mg moore

The responses from the Lefties here are typical of what I am seeing across the other boards:

Typical Reaction 1: Denial
Something along the lines of 'I won't believe this until I hear him say it or I read it from a news source that tells me what I want to hear!" The implication being that THEIR Obama would never do that!

Typical Reaction 2: Blame Bush
Something like "Well Bush screwed it up so much that Obama has to keep doing the same old immoral thing so he can fix it later".

Typical Reaction 3: Deux Ex Machina
Obama is a thousand steps ahead of all mere mortals in his intelligence, kindness and sexiness and mere mortals cannot understand nor should they attempt to question HIS plans.

I'll make a prediction. You guys are going to get your hearts broken and in 3 years I am going to be on the boards defending him to you!

mg(All gods have clay feet)moore


  1. Hi, Virginia. Check out Cinie's excellent post at http://cinie.wordpress.com/2009/02/28/what-you-thought-he-was-kidding/ He's whatever you want him to be while he moves ahead with his plans.

    I think the only thing holding people back in their revolt is the "unidentified cabal for which he fronts." One feels foolish when challenged with "Well, conspiracy monger, who's behind him?" (I'm a Trilateralist myself, at the moment.)

    While you're at Cinie's, see the next post down for an early poem by Obama, and Ellie's disquieting comment.

  2. Hi G.

    I loved Cinie's post and Heidi Li is right; Cinie's got Mr. Obama's number.

    Thanks for stopping by!