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Monday, February 2, 2009

Hillary Clinton Sworn in as SoS Again: Watch Video

Chevy Chase showed up, Joe Biden stumbled, and Hillary Clinton kept a sense of humor along with her usual poise and grace throughout her second swearing-in-ceremony as secretary of state.

ABC News' Martha Raddatz and Jennifer Duck report: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stood alongside former President Bill Clinton, mother Dorothy Rodham and daughter Chelsea Clinton for the formal swearing in of the 67th Secretary of State.

But the ceremony wasn't as formal as one might expect.

Before the event began, actor and comedian Chevy Chase distracted the crowd by standing in front of a line full of cameras blocking their shots. He joked, "Am I in the way?" as the cameras snapped away at guest who seemed just a bit unlike the others in the room.

Just weeks after taking a jab at Chief Justice Roberts for his missteps when administering the oath for President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden stumbled on a few words himself as he did the honors administering the oath for Clinton. Roberts twist of words caused the precautionary White House to swear in President Obama for a second time, but Clinton's ceremony today was already her second -- a special ceremony for friends and cameras to see, unfortunately for the VP.

Before his stumble Biden said he was a "Hillary Clinton fan."

Read more and watch video clip here.

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