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Thursday, February 19, 2009

About Afghanistan: Let’s Rebuild Our Own Country Rather than Ravage Another One

Commander-in-Chief Obama

When the extreme left first claimed Barack Obama as its own, it was mainly because he was able to deceive a large number of Americans into believing that he actually voted against the Iraq War Resolution. I’ve been repeatedly shocked by well-educated, upscale Democrats among my acquaintances who swallowed that story. Anyone who bothered to check Obama’s background at all is aware that he was not a member of the U.S. Senate when that vote was taken.

His bragging points came from bravely standing up as an Illinois state legislator to make an anti-war speech to a small crowd at a local peace rally.

Lefties continue to spew venom at anyone who voted for the above resolution for whatever reason, which means they hate a large number of U.S. Senators. In the Left's view only Obama is sacred, and he elevated himself in their opinion even higher when he opposed the surge that finally brought the Iraq War under control.

This week the anti-war presidential candidate (who very cleverly qualified his position as not being against all wars) has announced the deployment of 17,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.

Heidi Li Feldman reminds readers of the occasional practice by previous presidents of using war to jumpstart the economy. But then the Obama Adminstration wouldn’t do that, would it?

Feldman asks:

“How will be know whether the build-up in Afghanistan addresses national security (we have the same Secretary of Defense we had under the George W. Bush administration) or whether it is serving as a locus of unquestionable spending, rather like Operation Desert Shield during the George H.W. Bush term or Grenada during the Reagan years?”

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