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Friday, February 20, 2009

How Dare Bill Clinton Suggest America’s Number One Hope Salesman Be More Optimistic?!!

The little Obamaites (2755 comments so far) are howling over at the Huffington Post today. How dare Bill Clinton even suggest their idol, who won the presidency by selling hope, should express a little more optimism about the economy when speaking to the American people?

As I’ve said repeatedly since day one of the Democratic primary, I don’t need a charismatic politician speaking in the cadences of an evangelical preacher to give me hope. My hope springs from a much deeper level.

But Mr. Clinton does have a point: the economic meltdown is to an extent a crisis of confidence, and it might help matters if President Obama would express a little more optimism regarding the extensive measures his economic team has been throwing together and pitching to the people.

Besides, the very courteous and good-natured former president, with two successful terms under his belt in which the economy fared well, gave Obama high marks so far in his nascent administration.

Here’s the version of Clinton’s advice to Obama that appeared at Top of the Ticket in the LA Times:

Tone down the economic despondency talk some and ratchet up the optimism a bit. All gloom and doom could worsen the situation. Scare people.

"I just want the American people to know that he's confident that we are gonna get out of this and that he feels good about the long run," Clinton tells ABC's Chris Cuomo on "Good Morning America" today.

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  1. Hi Virginia,
    I just returned from a trip out of town where I was on internet black-out. The first thing I heard from CNN (I know, I know...) was Jack Cafferty AGAIN complaining about former president Clinton's comments. I don't recall any pundits having anything to say regarding former president Carter's numerous comments the week following the inaugeration, when he was on just about every channel talking about Obama and the future. What is it with the media and the Clinton's? I just don't get it, never have, probably never will.
    I agree, President Clinton has 8 successful years of economic growth to laud, and he is certainly a person whose advice I would consider. I believe all of this is more media bluster towards the Clintons, merely because they were Washington outsiders and will undoubtedly continue to be that.
    Address means nothing.
    I heard president Clinton speaking about whether or not he could be considered responsible in part for this economic crisis, and his answer was something like "Let me put it this way...Do you think if I were President these last 8 years we would be in this mess?"
    Right on Bill.

  2. Hi Becky,

    Welcome back. Yes, isn't the media a lost cause? It must be frustrating to the pundits that Bill and Hillary just keep living their lives and succeeding in whatever role they happen to find themselves - not to mention all of the people throughout the world who benefit from their kindness and generosity.

  3. Just tonight the national news (nbc and cbs) were making much about Secretary Clinton's tactic of not calling the Chinese out on human rights issues. The implication and tone was that it was her decision and a real change from what she said on the campaign trail. Hello.......she is working for the Obama administration and I'm sure she's not loose cannoning it on this point. Obama also said he would call them out on the human rights thing. But as Sec. Clinton eloquently (and patiently) explained it is the position of THE ADMINISTRATION that we need China right now with the economic mess, so put it on the back burner.
    As an aside.....I wonder if one of the comments on Pres Clinton came from the Obama supporter I saw this morning (bumper sticker anyway); speeding in a school zone, rolling through red lights all the while flicking the ashes from her cigarette out the window. I hope she was borrowing that car ;D

  4. Welcome back, teacherconfidential. I've not heard from you in awhile. Yes, the media is having a time of it with Hillary and Bill lately. Hillary is taking Asia by storm - they're loving her; and Bill is completely at ease with himself in his role as a SUCCESSFUL former president.

    After all the media efforts to tear those two down, it must be awfully frustrating to see them rise up again and again.