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Monday, December 1, 2008

Answering the Media’s Astute Questions Regarding Obama’s Latest Picks - Especially Hillary

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My neighbor was watching Obama’s press conference while working out on the treadmill this morning when I joined her in the exercise room at our apartment building. I was there to check out the weight machine and hadn’t realized the president-elect had already introduced his national security team. I grabbed a seat nearby.

After all the leaks, rumors, and gossip mongering in the media in the last week or so, there wasn’t much news there. Still, it was good to see Clinton, Gates, and Jones officially named to their positions in the Obama Administration.

When the press conference ended, my neighbor got off the treadmill and instructed me in using the weight machine. A second shift health care provider, she was pleased by Obama’s selections and optimistic about the future of our country under his leadership. But she added, “A lot of it’s going to depend on us. We have to get over our prejudices and learn to work together if the country is going to make any progress.”

The media is still way behind my neighbor’s enlightened take on national and world affairs. Scanning the web this afternoon, I see the pundits as usual are doing their best to fan the flames of controversy by raising such critically important questions as those listed below (my answers are in blue):

Can Obama manage all of those big egos?
Of course. If you aren’t aware by now that the One’s ego is in no danger of being threatened by any of those selected so far to staff his administration, you haven’t been paying attention.

How will the new administration deal with the drama the Clintons will inevitably bring with them?
Come on now. We all know the so-called drama associated with the Clintons was initially invented by the far right and then co-opted by the far left during the Democratic primary. The media, led by the likes of the clearly dysfunctional Maureen Dowd and Arianna Huffington, has gleefully magnified whatever dirt has been thrown at the Clintons. So leave it alone and grow up.

Will Hillary Clinton fall in line and fulfill her role as secretary of state as any dutiful, subservient woman (spouse) should in deference to her male superior?

A definite no. President-elect Obama selected Hillary Clinton for her intelligence, work ethic, strong record on human rights issues, and her unequaled expertise in foreign affairs. Only a real schmuck determined to fail in his first term as president would want to squelch her honest opinions and judgment in fulfilling her responsibilities as SOS.

If media representatives have any further questions, you may email me at vbergman422@comcast.net.

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