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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Secretary of State Clinton: New Hope for International Women’s Rights

Photo credits: AP

One of the rewards of blogging is the opportunity to connect with exemplary people. I first crossed virtual paths with Smith College professor Lois Dubin last February when I came across a letter of protest she’d written to the upper management of MSNBC. Professor Dubin was responding to David Shuster’s reference to Chelsea Clinton’s campaigning for her mother Senator Hillary Clinton as being “pimped out in some weird sort of way.” Dubin’s letter drew hundreds of visitors to Katalusis from around the world.

It was fitting to receive an email this morning from Dubin linking to Susan Milligan’s article in the Boston Globe titled “Activists expect Clinton to propel women's rights.” The blurb beneath the headline reads: “SPREADING OPTIMISM Clinton's speech at a 1995 UN conference on the status of women became an inspiration to activists around the world.”

Milligan reports:

“But Clinton's ascension to be the nation's top diplomat also gives new hope to supporters of international women's rights, who see Clinton as one of the world's leading figures in the fight to improve education, safety, and economic opportunity for women and girls.

"This is a new opportunity. We're very optimistic," said Daphne Jayasinghe, Amnesty International's acting advocacy director for Europe/Central Asia and violence against women. The human rights group is pushing for ratification of a UN document calling for an end to gender discrimination, as well as programs to counter violence against women and girls.” (See Sen. Clinton’s letter to the United Nations a few weeks ago in which she speaks out against the public execution of a 13-year-old Somali girl who had been brutally raped.)

Many thanks this morning to Professor Dubin, who teaches history, religion, and Jewish studies at Smith College, for calling Milligan's article to our attention.


  1. Hillary's nomination for SOS has been bittersweet for me ~ I feel such disdain for Obama and would prefer Hillary let him drift at sea and at the same time I have so much hope for her in the role, doing her good deeds. Hillary spreads hope and promise wherever she goes, in whatever she does, and this is my lifeline. Obama would be adrift w/o those experienced individuals from the Clinton administration whom he has hired on to work in his own administration. This is the only reason I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for the next four years. Otherwise, I wouldn't trust him with the feeding of my cats...

  2. Hi Becky,

    I continue to be troubled by Obama's lack of experience and his flip-flopping on so many promises he made during the primary and the general election.

    We can only hope that he'll listen to his advisers and make wise decisions, but these are perilous times for a president who will obviously have to learn on the job.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Virginia
    daiseymae is my alter ego. I forget whether I use my username or my actual name! I just wanted you to know that. I like hangin' at your blog, it is a nice place to be. Thank you for the time you devote to this wonderful place. First thing after logging in I usually head over to No Quarter and get the latest, and now I have a new place to stop by every day. I recently began to practice yoga as an alternative to taking medication; I want to express my gratitude to you for placing the prayer on your blog. I read it every time I visit, and it is wonderfully calming. Have a beautiful day Virginia!

  4. Hi Daisymae,

    Thank you for your heartwarming comment. I'm glad you're a part of the Katalusis community!

    You have a beautiful day, too.