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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time Magazine on Sarah Palin: “a one-woman rescue team for the Republican ticket”

Ya gotta love Andrew Malcolm’s wry post at the Top of the Ticket (LA Times) on the saga of Sarah Palin: From running mate to Time’s runner-up.

See if you can read this passage without a chuckle:

“Her selection by the old Arizona guy annoyed the nation's news media because they weren't ready and they think Washington is a qualifying experience for the White House now that Bill Clinton and the new guy have some.

“So reporters wrote a lot about Palin's children and a future son-in-law and her baby with Down syndrome, and they jumped all over her effort to help salvage the 2008 women's clothing sales, as if that was a bad thing for the struggling economy.

‘“Time calls hers ‘the most astonishing political debut in modern times’ and says the 44-year-old mother of five -- who upset a corrupt GOP party establishment in a place many people don't ever want to visit -- was ‘a one-woman rescue team for the Republican ticket.’

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