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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bill and Hill to Help Lower the Ball in Times Square Tonight

Bill and Hill

At Politicio’s Shenanigans, an obviously uninspired Amie Parnes reports that Bill and Hill will be celebrating with New Yorkers in Time Square this New Year’s eve. In response to Parnes, an astute reader comments on the anti-Clinton behavior of “the radical right and the looney left.”

Parnes writes:

Hillary (and Bill) Clinton had quite a year: A presidential campaign that produced 18 million votes, a Secretary of State nomination... yada yada.

Now the duo will help kick off 2009 by helping to lower the 12,000-pound Waterford crystal ball in Times Square tonight. Also joining the Clintons: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Up to a million revelers--as well as snow and an icy wind-- are expected in Times Square tonight.

Sounds nice and all. But here at Shenan, we'll be watching the ball drop someplace warm and cozy.

And here's the astute reader's comment:

“Without the Clintons -we would all be bored to tears. Hillary is a brilliant , serious woman with a profound command of policy and deep concern for everyday people. Discrediting and demonizing her and her husband is an obsessive blood sport of the radical right and now the looney left. Facts be damned - For those with the good sense to understand greatness without the media dog barking all the time, AS does Obama - they remain critcal to America's future”


  1. Don't know if I'll be up that late. But if I am ... it will sure be nice to see them again!

  2. Hi Stray Yellar Dog,

    It's always good to hear from you. Yep! I want to see Hill and Bill celebrate the New Year, too!

  3. Well I've been off the internet for several days taking a needed respite from politics and I managed to catch Bill and Hill in Times Square last night. They had bright, brilliant smiles on their faces and the crowd was loving them! Go Hill and Go Bill! Happy New Year everyone!