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Friday, December 19, 2008

Palin Condemns Racist Slurs About Obama; Obama Ignores Sexual Slurs Against Hillary Clinton

According to the AP’s William Yardley, Alaska is checking E-mailed slurs about President-elect Obama. Yardley reports:

“Alaska officials are investigating e-mail messages that included racist jokes about President-elect Barack Obama and were circulated on state government accounts by state employees.”

The article continues:

“Bill McAllister, a spokesman for Gov. Sarah Palin, said Thursday that none of the 10 employees worked in the governor’s office and that to his knowledge no one in the office had received any of the messages, which, he said, Ms. Palin condemns.

‘“They violate state policy — at least that’s the prima facie view of things,’ Mr. McAllister said in a telephone interview. ‘They’re not state business, and obviously they are offensive, and clearly she doesn’t support that. And she does not support racism, and she does not support attacks on the president-elect.’”

Compare the condemnation of the above racist activity by Gov. Palin to the complete lack of response from President-elect Obama to the photo of Jon Favreau widely circulated on the Internet showing Obama’s chief speechwriter and his buddy sexually molesting a cardboard cutout of the newly named secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Also, please take into consideration that Obama has justified inviting a homophobic evangelical Christian pastor to give the invocation at his inauguration by urging us to learn to disagree with one another without being disagreeable.

In ObamaLand, racism is apparently the only form of bigotry considered morally wrong; women, gays, and other minority groups don’t merit equal protection from abusive treatment.

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