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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

“The Clintons Were Never Going Anywhere. Feel the Collective Shock”

The day after Obama introduced his national security team, online minions of the extreme left continue to writhe in agony, emitting across the blogosphere the loud wails of the peremptorily betrayed.

In yesterday’s post titled "So Much for Killing Off the Clintons," Taylor Marsh captures perfectly the teeth-gnashing immaturity of the Left’s response to Barack Obama’s selection of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state and his acknowledgment that in order to govern successfully, he must build on the foundation laid by the Clinton Administration.

Marsh writes:

‘“Some on the left can't quite get their heads around it still. While traditional media types are proved wrong yet again. ‘The Village,’ to quote Digby, thought Obama was listening to them. You know, the Borderites, Thomas Friedman, David Ignatius (regarding his case against Clinton at State), the list goes on and on. Even Andrew Sullivan equated the Clinton pick as Machiavellian, which was proved wrong today as Obama gave Clinton her due, with no hint of ulterior motive the Clinton haters hoped would explain it. No one is listening to all these people who got it wrong any more, because they all predicted a premature death for the Clintons. Pronounced it so after Obama won the nomination. But you can't kill the modern foundation of a political party, from which the new leader will build his vision.

“Begrudging nods come from some, but you can sense the bitter taste it's giving them. That in order for Barack Obama to be successful he simply must rely on the Democratic Administration who came before. It's common sense, except among the dense.

“The horrors! The Establishment. That it's the Clintons makes it a killer. So many in the blogosphere letting their emotional immaturity relegate their analysis to one notch above petty personal griping, their national security assessment the stuff of high school government class. And they wonder why Barack Obama isn't listening. If you miss the strength and stature of what Hillary Clinton and the Clinton name brings to State, as well as the love felt around the world for former President Bill Clinton, preferring spiteful revenge instead, have you already abdicated your ability to help lead?”

Quickly dismissing “the unhinged fringe,” Marsh concludes:

“For me, this is victory day for Hillary. The end of a long road where we finally see two rivals stand together for country, ignoring the bloviators and prognosticators, the "reporters" and their ad nauseam anonymous sourcing unwinding dramatic headline after another, while pundits opine ignorantly, as well as the politically, emotionally immature who put their fickle trust in Obama then pulled it when he began implementing his vision, because Hillary Clinton would be the face representing Obama and America around the world.

“The Clintons were never going anywhere. Feel the collective shock. Around here, we knew that all along. But it's fun to watch the exploding heads, even when it's only witnessed through their silence, as the vision of puffed up red faces dances across the mind.”

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