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Monday, December 22, 2008

MediaMatters.Org on Bob Schieffer’s Attempt to Smear Hillary Clinton

CBS’ Bob Schieffer was one of those pundits I respected prior to the 2008 Democratic primary. Like PBS' Mark Shields - the supposed liberal of Shields and Brooks - Scheiffer could not conceal a chauvinistic sneer whenever he was forced to mention Hillary Clinton’s name on the air.

Evidently, Schieffer hasn’t gotten over the fact that despite the misogyny demonstrated by him and his media colleagues, 18 million Americans voted for Clinton in the primary, and she’s since been named secretary of state in the Obama Administration.

Media Matters for America caught Schieffer in the act last Sunday in yet another attempt to smear Clinton.

Here’s the summary from MediaMatters.Org:

‘“CBS' Bob Schieffer baselessly suggested that Hillary Clinton may ‘try to block’ Caroline Kennedy's possible appointment to replace her as U.S. senator from New York, adding that there is ‘[n]o love lost with the Kennedy family after they endorsed [President-elect Barack] Obama early on.’ But Clinton has reportedly ‘told her supporters not to involve her in their efforts to stop Caroline Kennedy's path to the U.S. Senate’ and that their comments critical of Kennedy ‘weren't appreciated.”’

Watch the video of Schieffer’s commentary here.

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  1. They simply do not care how much they lie,do they?