Saturday, April 7, 2012

Celebrating Easter, Passover, and the onset of spring with Elizabeth Warren!

Elizabeth Warren and her grandchildren.

Hello, Katalusis readers:

The latest poll shows Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren leading Republican Scott Brown by five points in the Mass. Senate race. Public Policy Polling reports that Warren is leading Brown 46-41.

But Warren isn’t dwelling on poll numbers this Easter weekend. She’s busy dyeing eggs with her grandchildren. In her letter that I received today, she writes:


I love Easter. It's family all the way.

When I was growing up, I loved to dye eggs with my mother and grandmother. Even my Aunt Bee got in on the action. My eggs were creative, but Aunt Bee's eggs were always these beautiful pastel shades. When I was little, I insisted that we eat her eggs last because I wanted to admire them the longest.

The tradition carried on with our kids -- Amelia and Alex -- and now Bruce and I make a point of dyeing eggs every year with our grandchildren.

This week started a new tradition. For the first time ever, our granddaughters, ages six and ten, have come to town on their own to dye eggs -- and to celebrate the holiday weekend. This year's eggs have sparkles, decals, wax writing and multiple colors, including one experimental egg that turned an ugly blue-brown. (That egg has already been eaten.)

Yesterday, Bruce and I took the girls down to Plimoth Plantation -- history come to life. And we got back from visiting the penguins at the aquarium just a few minutes ago. Tonight we're joining friends at a community Seder, and tomorrow morning we'll be going to the same church where Bruce's Mom and Dad were married right after World War II.

Photo: Elizabeth, Octavia and Lavinia

Lots of memories -- both old ones and new ones.

Whether your family is celebrating Easter, Passover, or just the start of spring -- Bruce, Octavia, Lavinia, Otis and I hope you have a safe and happy weekend.

Thank you for being a part of this,


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