Monday, April 16, 2012

Sen. Barbara Boxer calls foul after foul on GOP

Sen. Barbara Boxer  (Photo: Politics Now)
Sen. Boxer doesn’t just call a foul on Republican members of Congress. She nails them again and again even as they try to dodge the truth about their all out war on women. Heck, the Republicans are so bad, they are making women forget – temporarily at least - the backstabbing Hillary Clinton endured from her own party leaders in 08.

Boxer opines about the GOP’s anti-women onslaught over at Politico:

Suppose it’s the championship basketball game and one player is committing foul after foul. Each time, he denies he’s committed any offense.

Eventually, he fouls out. But even as he heads to the bench, he’s protesting that he did nothing wrong.

That’s what we’re seeing today from Republicans who claim there is no “war on women.” The Republican National Committee chairman likened it to a “war on caterpillars.” The Senate Republican leader claims it’s all manufactured – even as female members of his caucus warn about the growing backlash against the GOP from women.

But whether it’s sports or politics, denials don’t change the facts. So let’s look at them.

House Republicans have introduced more than 30 bills that would restrict a woman’s reproductive health care. Those same Republicans, who decry an all-too-powerful government, have no problem deciding what health care is right for our daughters, or sisters or mothers.

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