Friday, April 6, 2012

Modern day versions of crucifixion and state-sponsored revenge

 Thoughts of torture and capital punishment have been inescapable in recent years as first the Bush Administration and now the Obama Administration have sanctioned what Steve Thorngate, blogging at the Christian Century, refers to as “state-sponsored revenge.” That would include, I’m guessing, the murder on foreign soil of suspected terrorists, including American citizens, without trial.

Yes, torture, assassination of American citizens, and drone attacks that take the lives of many civilians in other nations are indeed sanctioned under the administration of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Obama.

Sadly, Thorngate’s post titled “Crucifixion and the News" is appropriate reading for Good Friday 2012:

Among other things, Holy Week always brings to mind the tension between thinking doctrinally about Christ and thinking historically about Jesus. The latter is particularly poignant given the news this week: Bush State Department employee Philip Zelikow apparently wrote a memo in 2006 that advised against the use of torture. What's not news, of course, is that Zelikow's wise words were not heeded.

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