Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

The above picture (credited to Anou la Petite Hobo) caught my eye on my Facebook page this morning. Then I spotted guest blogger Harriett Sugarman’s post at the Christian Science Monitor. Sugarman offers some great suggestions for befriending our planet on this special day (I would also suggest that you visit Mary Lundeberg's website, Nature Connections):

Earth Day 2012: A handy list of tips and tricks to help your family go green this year, from gardening to recycling.

Harriett Sugarman
·  Get your “glee on” out in Nature – Get outside, sing a song, do a dance, have a picnic, BBQ, go camping, walk on the beach or take a hike. Whatever gets you there, gather your family and spend some time outdoors. Talk to you kids, introduce them to nature better yet, let them introduce nature to you! Remind yourself and the kids in your life of the treasures nature has given us, and why we need to fight so very hard to protect them.

·  Memory Lane Walk Down the Red Carpet “Favorite Earth Day Movies”– Watch, enjoy, lose yourself in the moment and learn something too. Movies for everyone: The Lorax, Chimpanzee, Avatar, Planet Earth, Wall-E and March of the Penguins. Documentary movies for older kids and adults: Queen of the Sun-What are the Bees Telling Us? Tapped, Gasland, Bag It, An Inconvenient Truth, Revenge of the Electric Car, Moby Duck – Learn something important., and have fun at the same time.

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