Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Heads of Obama’s Base About to Explode!

Photo credits: MSNBC

Obama’s sudden metamorphosis from rock star idol of his extreme left-wing base, anchored in the blogosphere at big-name sites like Huffington Post and Daily Kos, to Mr. Flag-Waving Average Guy sauntering down the center line of the roadway to Denver has left his most dedicated supporters in disarray.

At the Huffington Post this morning, Allison Kilkenny is taking no prisoners. She leads off her piece titled ironically “Pray Yourself Better: It's The American Way!” with these words:

“Ideological contortionist, Barack Obama, marches toward his personal goal of causing one million progressives' heads to simultaneously explode.”

Kilkenny points to Kos:

“He {Obama} obtained an essential first step toward this aim when he capitulated on FISA, a move so contradictory to the core of the Progressive movement that outraged midget, Markos "Dailykos" Moulitsas, yanked a generous contribution from Obama's bony fingers as punishment for the sneaky, immoral maneuver. was also unhappy with Obama, all of which brings to mind the ancient expression: If You Wrong The Progressives, Protect Your Crotch.”

Kilkenny’s litany of Obama’s sellouts continues:

“These burns aren't going to heal any time soon. John Kerry turned out to be an empty shell of a candidate, but Barack Obama had real potential, or so the Progressives thought. They sunk their time and money into Obama, and as thanks, he turned around and bit the hands that fed him.

“Selling out his Progressive base on FISA was bad enough, but then Obama followed up his gradual tumble toward triangulation when he recently vowed to expand Bush's faith-based programs.

“Defenders of Obama's latest selling-out point claim churches are an essential party of American society because the institutions provide basic services like feeding the poor. Except, churches have no business substituting for the government in anti-poverty campaigns.

“If churches hold the occasional bake sale to help the Harper family pay for Little Matty's liver transplant, that's all well and good. However, any politician seriously claiming churches should substitute for government programs needs to have their head examined. It's the job of the state to care for its citizens, namely because the state is Constitutionally secular, forbidding government agents to deny care on the grounds of theological loyalty.

“In a way, asking the church to step up and care for the poor in lieu of a comprehensive, meaty welfare program is like abandoning the American post office in favor of using FedEx. It's yet another dig at the innards of the American infrastructure. It's yet another way to privatize a normal function of the government. Of course, in this case, it's selling out pro bono because the church claims to operate without the explicit intent of profit. I guess we're not counting those basket donations...

‘“Even if Obama proposed the expansion as an accessory program where the church just gets to ‘come along for the poverty ride,’ the idea is still worse than dumb, it's downright insulting. When will a progressive candidate have the courage to admit they have no business dictating moral values? When will a progressive acknowledge that triangulation brought us to this place, where the American people have no bargaining chips left? They're poor, they're losing their jobs because of triangulating land mines like NAFTA, and those jobs are not coming back. They have no health care, their food and environment are poisoned, and Barack Obama tells them to go to church and pray for a miracle.

“And that's the progressive talking. Just imaging the steaming pile of shit resting on John McCain's tongue.”

Kilkenny’s not having any of Obama’s excuses:

‘“The challenges we face today ... are simply too big for government to solve alone,’ Obama explained when confronted by foaming-at-the-mouths Progressives.

“Um, what? So let me get this straight: We pay taxes for a government unable to do its job. We elect representatives, like Barack Obama, to overhaul a broken system that has abandoned its own constituents, and instead of creating a bold, radical agenda, Obama perpetuates the status quo. Obama chooses to invest his trust in the church instead of in the political system that has invested in him this great and rare opportunity to fix an ailing society. He chooses to entrust a brothel of fairy tales with the safety of the people instead of a responsible, secular government.

“What the hell is he thinking? Unless there's a business model somewhere where "priest molestations" plus "dangerous ignorance" equals "profit" that I don't know about, this appears to be yet another grave error from the Obama camp.”

Nor is Kilkenny having any excuses from a few hangers on among progressives:

‘“More surprising than Obama selling out his progressive base is the stubbornness with which some progressives have reacted during these gradual moves toward triangulation. One such supporter explained to me, ‘You can't drive the bus without the keys,’ meaning Obama is just faking his way into the White House with these ‘moderate’ moves and bushels of ‘compromises.’

“But this kind of logic ignores Quid Pro Quo, where Wall Street lobbyists, who have sunk nearly twice as much money into Obama as they have McCain, will demand favors in exchange for their generosity.

“Obama is already in debt, but the progressives seem to think he'll experience a kind of miraculous spell of transubstantiation during his inauguration where his past corruptions will turn into delicious wine and universal health care. It ain't, as they say, gonna happen, folks. At least, it won't happen without the motivation of a seriously pissed-off base.

It should be obvious by now that believing Obama was the second coming was misguided faith on the part of progressives:

“Of course, the motivation of his pissed-off base was supposed to have been what was going to keep Obama on track in the first place. With that not working, progressives have few options left, and their trust is waning in the last great savior for the so-called progressive movement.”


  1. All I have to say is Ha Ha. All being thrown under the bus just like everyone else.

  2. Now, now, Anonymous, let's remember to be kind...although it is kind of hard not to say I told you so.

    As always, thanks for stopping by, and please do keep in touch.

  3. I think we are seeing the real Obama. Many of the 18 million voters for Hillary had already figure him out. Nothing he does or says surprises me. Everyday he reminds me why I left the Democratic Party and became an Independent.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    You got that right. But I confess I thought it would take a lot longer for the euphoria to wear off for his deluded left-wing base.

    Thanks for stopping by, and please do keep in touch.