Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Media's Ongoing Love Affair with Obama

Vacationing at home in Ohio where I grew up has been a heartwarming and relaxing experience these past few days. The rain clouds melted away on Sunday in time for a great family reunion with 56 family members present.

Needless to say, I haven't spent much time following Barack Obama's travels abroad in his last minute attempt to burnish his foreign policy credentials; I think he would have done a lot better by fulfilling his responsibilities in the Senate some time ago and convening at least one oversight hearing on Afghanistan.

From quickly scanning news sources this evening, it appears the media has been trailing after the Democratic party's presumptive nominee on his trip and as usual swooning at his feet wherever he stops.

Not surprisingly, Rasmussen has just reported poll results that half of Americans think the press is trying to help Sen. Barack Obama win the presidential election.

The poll also found:

'"Asked a backward-looking question, about which 'major presidential candidate' – Obama, McCain, or Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton – had received the most favorable coverage overall, 57 percent said it was Obama. Twenty-one percent of respondents named McCain, with 11 percent choosing Clinton."

We knew that.

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