Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Obama’s Left-Wing Supporters Playing Tough

Bob Ostertag at Huffpo this afternoon has had it with Obama’s reversal on FISA, and he wants to teach the straying-to-the-right presumptive nominee a lesson. Ostertag’s saying let’s reward the good guy Russ Feingold for leading the filibuster against the compromise FISA bill by giving him the donations we would normally direct toward the Obama campaign.

Ostertag points out:

“Imagine how inspired you would have been if, instead of turning and running, Obama was interrupting his campaign schedule to fly to Washington and lead the filibuster against the FISA legislation. Take the money donate it instead to Russ Feingold, the senator who is leading the struggle. Then tell everyone you know to do the same.

“This will be simple and effective:

“This won't be a vote against Obama. It will be a vote for the US Constitution and for political courage.”

Ostertag concludes with a request:

“If you have a moment, come back to this column after you make your contribution and leave a comment stating how much money you gave.

“OK. Let's see what happens. I am logging off to go put my $100 in the Feingold campaign. Join me if you can.”

If you want to read Ostertag’s entire post at Huffpo, just Google it. As you know, I don’t link there.


  1. The presumptive nominee take a stand? Not in this lifetime.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your to-the-point comment!

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