Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Family Reunion on the Anniversary of the First Women’s Rights Convention

It was just coincidence that my family planned its reunion on the weekend of the 160th anniversary of the first women’s rights convention.

Today, July 19, 2008, I'll be traveling from St. Paul to near Findlay, Ohio where I graduated from high school more years ago than I care to admit. Tomorrow we’ll gather at a local park for a picnic and lots of fun and games for both grown-ups and kids - I’m looking forward to pitching a few horseshoes.

It’s been awhile since the last time I was back home in Ohio, and I’m planning to spend a few days there before returning next Friday, July 25, 2008. I’ll continue to post at Katalusis from time to time, as I want to keep up with Barack Obama’s trip abroad. So please do check back.

In the meantime, best wishes to all Katalusis readers on the anniversary of the first women’s rights convention. If you missed it earlier, you can read Sen. Hillary Clinton’s letter commemorating the event here.

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