Saturday, July 12, 2008

Obama Is Just Not That Into You: A Play in One Hopeless Act!

Photo credits: Associated Press

There are times when I take politics far too seriously. To preserve my sanity, I have to leave off visiting Web sites like the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Huffington Post, and Politico and instead visit a few of the pro-Hillary blogs that consistently offer professional ethics, brains, creativity, talent, original thought, and a sense of humor in their continued support of the obviously best qualified presidential candidate.

Riverdaughter features a drama today posted by madamab. Here’s the scene:

THE SCENE: The bottom of a church basement, the place of many an AA meeting. Coffee cups, cigarette butts and cookie crumbs are strewn everywhere. A long cafeteria-style table is at the front of the room, with a podium next to it. Seated at the table are MARKOS MOULITSAS, CHRIS BOWERS, ARMANDO LLORENS (BIG TENT DEMOCRAT), JOHN ARAVOSIS, ANDREW SULLIVAN and ARIANNA HUFFINGTON. The boys all wear chinos and button-down shirts. KOS has an orange band around his head - almost like a crown. ARIANNA is wearing her traditional camisole-as-shirt and eyeing the men flirtatiously. SULLIVAN sports a snappy bowtie.

At the podium are the authors of the book, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” GREG BEHRENDT and LIZ TUCILLO. Throughout this whole play, GREG and LIZ speak to the bloggers in a typical motivational-speaker way - in other words, as if they are eight-year-old children.

Above the podium a sign reads, “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.” GREG and LIZ also have nametags on. LIZ bangs a gavel to bring the meeting to order.

To enjoy this must-read drama, go here.

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