Friday, July 25, 2008

When Obama’s Not So Kewl Anymore, and the Kewl Kidz Jump Ship

Every so often I come across a reader’s comment out in the blogosphere that makes as much or more sense than the original article, or it is so to the point that I can’t resist posting it here at Katalusis.

“Crosspatchon” was responding to Obama’s Unforgivable Stumble in Germany by the Strata-Sphere's AJStrata, who was unhappy with Obama over his decision not to visit wounded American troops in Germany.

Crosspatchon (comment is in dark red) doesn’t zero in on AJStrata’s specific criticism; instead, he tackles the Obama phenomenon in general:

# crosspatchon 25 Jul 2008 at 7:30 pm

Supporting Obama is the fashion right now among the “hipsters”. Once it becomes socially “ok” to criticize him, his support will melt like a stick of butter in Gerlach on Labor Day.

He peaked too soon, by the time election day comes, he will be “so 5 minutes ago”. It’s just empty rhetoric by a politician whose only claim to fame in national politics is being a one-term US Senator.

I am already starting to hear the cracks appearing in talk from people in the San Francisco Bay area.

The song goes kinda like this: Obama runs for office. It becomes the “counter-culture” thing to do to support him. It means you are one of the Kewl Kidz. Then everyone else wants to be like the Kewl Kidz and jump on the bandwagon. Then it isn’t so Kewl anymore to be with the mainstream … so the Kewl Kidz jump ship and maybe support Hillary or if they want to be REALLY daring, find a way to rationalize how one can be for McCain since he isn’t really all that “Republican”. And that is the point where Obama’s artificial horizon indicator begins to read negative.

Crosspatchon has precisely summed up my own take on Obama’s candidacy since day one.

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