Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama Can’t Use Brandenburg Gate as Campaign Backdrop

Geir Moulson reports at the Huffington Post: “German Chancellor Angela Merkel has signaled unease over the prospect of a possible speech by Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama at Berlin's historic Brandenburg Gate, a spokesman said Wednesday.”

The Obama campaign has begun to use increasingly dramatic show business techniques on behalf of the candidate, e.g., moving his planned acceptance speech at the convention in Denver to Invesco Field at Mile High, which can accommodate over 75,000 fans.

Evidently Obama’s advisors had envisioned him following in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan who spoke at the Brandenburg Gate in 1987 and Bill Clinton who spoke on the east side of the historic site in 1994 to announce, “Berlin is free.”

Moulson reported via Merkel's spokesperson that the chancellor had expressed “skepticism” about plans to use the Brandenburg Gate as a “campaign backdrop.”

Skepticism, indeed. With Obama’s scant record of achievement on the national or international scene, it must be difficult for his handlers to figure out ways to elevate his stature at the onset of the general election.

Obama's skimpy resume (not all that outstanding even as a legislator in his home state of Ill.) might also explains the fake presidential seal his campaign came up with awhile back. That idea tanked pretty fast, too.


  1. During cold war, JFK proclaimed he too was a Berliner. More recently the current claimant to the throne said his uncle liberated jews from concentration camp. And now this? Grandiloquence indeed.

  2. Good point, sharmajee. Thanks for stopping by.