Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Denver Group: Don’t Count Hillary Out!

Hillary is still in the picture.

The Denver Group continues to attract media attention. Yesterday at the Huffington Post, Carol Felsenthal published an interview with Heidi Li Feldman and Marc Rubin, the Denver Group’s co-founders.

Feldman and Rubin effectively made their case for keeping the Democratic convention democratic this August:

“If Heidi Li Feldman, a blogger and a professor of law (and philosophy) at Georgetown University Law Center, and Marc Rubin, a blogger, veteran ad man, and movie and TV writer -- head writer for "The White Shadow" -- happened by, they would say there is no nominee yet, that the two ended the primary/caucus season in "a virtual tie," in Feldman's words, neither of them having the requisite number of pledged delegates to claim the prize. 2118 are needed; Obama got there only with the help of superdelegates who are free, Feldman says, to change their minds until they actually cast a vote at the convention in Denver late next month. That's when, if Feldman and Rubin, who co-founded and are the only official members of The Denver Group, have anything to say about it -- and of course they don't -- the superdelegates, in accordance with DNC rules and bylaws, should be called on to reconsider who is the stronger candidate against John McCain.

“Both candidates, Feldman says, must be placed in nomination "and superdelegates left to vote as they see fit because ....[they] are specifically charged" with the duty of making certain that the party's candidate is electable. She refers to the McGovern Commission that set up the superdelegate system to provide a "safety hatch" after the "McGovern debacle" of 1972. The Denver Group duo claim that superdelegates are having "buyers' remorse," that they are coming to believe that Obama is not electable.”

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  1. Heidi Li Feldman is absolutely correct when she states that there IS NO NOMINEE. I fail to understand why people cannot wrap their wigs around that fact. And I also fail to understand why people cannot grasp why Senator Clinton hasn't released her delegates. She is under no obligation to do so. If Senator Obama is so positive that he is "The One" (as his most ardent supporters feel), neither he nor anyone in his campaign should feel threatened at all by that. And, in all actuality, it will have absolutely ZERO impact on the general election.

    The DNC needs to do right by Senator Clinton in Denver. If they do not, they no longer represent me and I will change my party affiliation to Independent.