Sunday, July 6, 2008

Obama Panders to the Right on Faith-Based Initiative

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Barack Obama has misrepresented himself as a professor of constitutional law, but he did lecture on the topic at the University of Chicago, and he should know better than to pander to the right by supporting a revised version of George W. Bush’s so-called “faith-based initiative.”

Posting today at On Faith (Washington Post/Newsweek), David Waters challenges Obama's position on this controversial issue and asks:

"Why is the government paying people to do God's work? And why are people doing God's work allowing their ministries to be turned into government-funded and government-regulated agencies?”

Waters continues:

“Devoted church-state separatists know this concept is fraught with constitutional complications (read The God Vote by Jacques Berlinerblau) and political temptations (read Tempting Faith by ex-Bush staffer David Kuo)."

To read Waters’ entire post, go here:

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