Saturday, June 28, 2008

Clinton’s Name Must Be on the Ballot at the Democratic Convention

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A Katalusis reader recently inquired if I knew of any petitions circulating to keep Hillary Clinton’s name on the ballot at the upcoming Democratic Convention in Denver, as she was interested in signing on. I replied in the negative, but that was before I discovered the Denver Group. As far as I know, the Denver Group has not yet circulated a petition, but it’s about “keeping the Democratic Party democratic,” and its stated goals are as follows:

An open convention: Senator Clinton's name on the ballot

Speeches allowed by supporters of Senator Clinton on behalf of her candidacy.

A roll call vote: No coronation

The Denver Group’s email address: The

The Denver Group describes how it intends to fulfill its goals at

“The primary means for accomplishing our goals will be mass media, both print and TV which will be aimed at Howard Dean and the DNC as well as rousing Democratic voters throughout the country.There will also be efforts in a variety of other appropriate avenues.”

Marc Rubin and Heidi Li Feldman, leaders of the Denver Group, are introduced as follows:

“Marc Rubin who leads the media effort started his career in advertising where he was an award winning art director and writer,working for some of the top agencies in advertising in both New York and Los Angeles, devising both strategy and execution. He has won the AIGA Award for 50 Best Print Ads of the Year and AIGA 50 Best Commercials of the Year as well as numerous other awards for creativity and effectiveness. He has also been the head writer of an acclaimed prime time network dramatic series as well has having written for a number of other prime time network dramatic series. In May, he worked with the PAC, Count The Votes Cast and created a full page ad that was an open letter to Howard Dean, and a 30 second TV spot addressing the issues of Florida and Michigan. The ad and commercial received notice from the news media and the organizers of Count the Votes Cast were interviewed by the New York Times, ABC-TV Boston,NPR, BBC Radio and other news outlets.

“Heidi Li Feldman is a lawyer and philosopher. She is Professor of Law of Georgetown University Law Center and Associate Professor of Philosophy in the College. For more information about Dr. Feldman's academic activities see Dr. Feldman currently fundraises both for the Denver Group and to help retire Senator Clinton's primary campaign debt. She is also an active participant in the daily activities and decision making of the Denver Group.”

I urge all Katalusis readers who want to make sure that Hillary Clinton’s name is on the ballot in Denver to check out the Denver Group. Heidi Li Feldman’s blog, Heidi Li’s Potpourri also offers a wealth of information and support for Hillary Clinton.


  1. I have a sinking feeling the DNC is doing all they can to keep Clinton's name off the ballot. Terry Mcauliff when asked this morning about Hillary's name being on the ballot evaded the question and responded Obambi should be the nominee. This is beyond reprehensible.

    BTW this week BO will simultaneously be courting the gays and the evangelicals. Wonder how that is going to work out? Pander Pander Pander.

  2. Hi Anonymous, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment, and I think your suspicions are justified about the DNC wanting to take Hillary's name off the ballot. We'll just have to stay on the alert and do all we can to stop it from happening. Please do keep in touch.

  3. Just to let people know, The Denver Group is working to unify Senator Clinton's delegates and we have begun to receive some preliminary media attention. See for example

    We also have a donor who will match up to 5000 in contributions and we are about half way there! So we hope to get our ads out soon.

  4. Heidi Li,

    Way to go! Keep up the good work, and thank you so much for stopping by. Please do keep in touch.

  5. Thanks for your hard work and also that of marc rubin and Heidi Li. It seems incredible how the DNC and the top Dems are going agianst their very Charter adn Bylaws. They should be challenged in court. The Bylaws say the nominee is to be selected at the convention yet Dean et al required superdelegates to cast votes in June! Also, the rules say the DNC is supposed to provide guidelines and policies. What kinds of guidelines were developed for the super delegates? Seems to me they totally went against the Charter (It says the Dem. Party is supposed to listen to citizens!) when they "selected" Obama when Hillary had the popular vote and was the winner in many polls against McCain. See the NY Times Op- Ed article "Count the Votes" on June 6th. The behaviour of the Dem. Party smells to high heaven! It is certainly not the party of the people. They likely colluded with Obama to hide the extreme radicalism of pastor Wright until as late in the primaries as possible because they didn't want the early states to have the whole Obama picture.
    Thanks for your hard work and committment. Liz

  6. Hi Liz,

    I'm glad you stopped by. Your comments here are always appreciated. Your support helps us fight the good fight on behalf of Hillary Clinton and in reality, all women.