Monday, June 9, 2008

How Else Can Clinton Supporters Let the DNC Know That Sexism and Misogyny Are No Longer Acceptable?

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According to Monday’s US News and World Report, “A major topic for speculation in the media this morning is the extent to which Clinton's supporters will now rally around Obama.”

Noting that although Clinton endorsed Obama and urged her supporters to rally behind him in her speech on Saturday, she kept her 1915 delegates, the above article cites comments from several other news sources:

‘“The Wall Street Journal says ‘questions linger’ about ‘how soon and how sincerely her campaign and her supporters will rally behind’ Obama. USA Today reports Obama's campaign ‘says female voters will respond to Obama's life in a ‘female-centric'’family, as he discusses the influences of his mother, grandmother, wife and mother-in-law.

‘“However, McClatchy reports that many Clinton backers remain embittered, and have ‘said they thought that unfair news coverage’from sources such as MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann put Obama over the top. Other ‘common culprits were the Democratic National Committee and the party superdelegates, who helped swing the nomination to Obama in the last few weeks.”’

Personally, my most acutely painful memories of the Democratic race for the nomination are of repeated attempts by party leaders, allied with the good old boys network in the media, to pressure Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race before millions of people had been given a chance to vote.

I couldn’t believe the headlines declaring Obama the nominee the day after his win in North Carolina on the same evening that Clinton won Indiana. And I’ll not soon forget that CNN could not project Clinton’s win until after midnight due to the deliberate withholding of the city of Gary’s results by its mayor, an acknowledged Obama supporter.

In the final analysis, I know I am not alone among Clinton supporters who feel the only effective way to let the DNC know that sexism and misogyny are no longer acceptable is to exit the Democratic party and register hereafter as independents.

Some of us may even choose to vote “present” in November.

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