Thursday, June 19, 2008

Economic Concerns of Women Voters in 2008 Presidential Election

Heidi Hartmann’s post at the Women’s Media Center the other day should be required reading for all women voters in the coming general election. Titled Shaky Economic Times are Shakier for Women, Hartmann begins:

“Over the last three months, primary voters in increasing proportions have said this presidential election is about the economy. In November, if recent trends hold, women will vote in greater numbers than men. As both parties turn from the business of primaries to crafting their messages for the fall, they will need to address the economic realities of these women voters.

“In a recent survey of Americans’ economic insecurities, the largest difference in attitudes between women and men emerged on Social Security. Large proportions of both groups worry that social security benefits may be reduced or eliminated, but women are especially concerned, whatever their income level. Even women with very high family incomes ($92,000 and above) are worried. In fact it’s at this highest income range that the gender differences are largest—only about 30 percent of men at that level worry about Social Security’s future, compared with 53 percent of women. It’s also one area of economic security where white women are nearly as worried as minority women: across all income levels, 55 percent of white women and 58 percent of minority women worry that Social Security may be cut back.”

Read more here.

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