Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama: Richer than God in the General Election

Google News today lists 447 articles more or less titled Obama Opts Out of Public Financing, all reporting that the harbinger of the new politics has reversed himself on that issue.

But it’s the Daily Intel (New York Magazine) shouting Obama Broke His Promise! that cuts to the chase in its lead:

“Ever since it became clear that Barack Obama's record-breaking fund-raising juggernaut could make him richer than God during the general election, it was expected that he would eventually opt out of public financing, a system which would have given him about $85 million to spend after the convention, but would have capped private fund-raising. The only problem is that he had pledged to work within the public-financing system if his opponent did. This, then, won't help dispel the notion that Obama is all talk. But will it actually damage Obama's image, or is the issue just too boring for anyone to care about?”

I’m one voter who doesn’t think the issue is too boring to care about. Read the entire post -the photo illustration is great, too - at the Daily Intel here.

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