Saturday, June 21, 2008

Riding on a Donkey Down the Road to Denver

The road to Denver may not be as smooth as predicted for Barack Obama, the Democratic party’s presumptive nominee, whose followers anticipate he’ll ride into town on a donkey while adoring crowds wave palm fronds and shout “Hossanah to the highest!”

Ken Vogel’s post at Politico this morning titled “Obama alienates the editors” is newsworthy for two reasons. It documents the firestorm created in the media by Mr. Clean’s decision to break his promise to accept public funding in the general election, while it simultaneously reminds people that today’s angry editorial boards were mostly in the tank for Obama throughout the Democratic primary, and their news coverage was biased accordingly.

Vogel reports:

‘“The Philadelphia Inquirer’s called the decision ‘as disappointing as it is disingenuous,’ while the Boston Globe’s wrote it ‘deals a body blow … to his own reputation as a reform candidate.’ And The Baltimore Sun’s editorial called it ‘a major disappointment for those struggling to restrain the pernicious influence of special interests in American politics.’

‘“The New York Times’ editorial board, which endorsed Clinton after allegedly leaning toward Obama, wrote that ‘Obama has come up short’ of ‘his evocative vows to depart from self-interested politics.’

I’m wondering if the thousands of Obama supporters enraptured at campaign rallies by his stirring words about “change you can believe in” are following the news these days in the aftermath of the Democratic primary. Must be a bit of a let down to see the one they’ve been waiting for revealed as a master of old Chicago-style politics.

Warning: Idolatry, especially of another human being, is not a mark of wisdom.


  1. Warning: Idolatry, especially of another human being, is not a mark of wisdom.

    So true Virginia. I am not at all surprised he broke his promise. I never expected him to keep it. He is nothing but an opportunist and anybody with common sense can see right through him. He is not new politics or transparent. The Idolatry is scary and I say a danger to our country.

    He is soo beneath Hillary it's outright shameful.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comment. Nice to hear from another Hillary supporter. Stop by again soon.