Friday, June 20, 2008

She’s Back: Hillary Resumes High Profile Schedule in Washington

Photo credits: AP

Sen. Hillary Clinton has been out of the headlines recently, taking a break after concluding her presidential run. But the Crypt (Politico) reports advance word of her upcoming schedule:

“The details have not been released about her schedule, but a Senate Democratic aide confirmed to Politico that Clinton will have a significant event in the Senate next week, followed by a meeting Thursday with Barack Obama's campaign finance team. Clinton will top off her re-emergence with a major campaign event Friday with Obama, at a location that still remains secret.

“There had been some reports that Clinton might take a full month off after ending her presidential campaign and not return to Capitol Hill until after the Fourth of July recess, but she will be on the Hill next week getting back to work and holding public and private events aimed at maintaining a high profile. Clinton took a four-day vacation last week — the destination has not been revealed — before showing up at Tim Russert's funeral this week.

“Check back with The Crypt for details about Clinton's public schedule as they leak out.”

Amie Parnes contributed to this report.

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