Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton’s Personal Outreach to Those in Need

After reading about Barack Obama’s decision to break his promise on public funding this week and then seeing his photo above the United States presidential seal - Photoshopped into a campaign prop - the Caucus post (NY Times) titled ‘Aunt Hillary’ Speaks at Bronx Graduation is a poignant reminder of how the Democratic party fell all over itself to award the nomination to the weaker of its two candidates.

Writing for the Caucus, Sharon Otterman movingly reports Hillary Clinton’s compassion for those in need, a recurrent theme throughout her lifetime of public service. Otterman begins:

“Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has been keeping a low profile since conceding the Democratic nomination on June 7, but she made an exception this morning to speak at the high school graduation of a 17-year-old girl from the Bronx who calls her 'Aunt Hillary.'

“Aleatha Williams, 17, first met Senator Clinton at the age of 2, on the shoulder of her mother Patricia. She was one of those innumerable babies at political events that politicians hug, but in the case, the squeeze became the start of a life-long bond.

"Aleatha’s mother, Patricia Williams, then involved in an abusive marriage, was attending the 1992 Democratic Convention as a political volunteer. As Mrs. Clinton, who was soon to be first lady, passed her in the aisle, she reached out to Aleatha. The she put her arms around Patricia.

‘“She knew I needed a hug somehow, and she just squeezed. And I felt a strength and energy flowing through her. She helped to give me the strength I needed at that time to go on with my life and do what’s right for my daughter,’ Ms. Williams said in an interview after the graduation ceremony.”

Read the rest of the story here.


  1. voted Hilary Clinton, and only support Hilary Clinton, No matter what Hilary Does suspend her campaign concede her campaign. No matter what Hilary does she could even support Obama and campaign for Obama I will never Vote for Barack Obama, I do think America is ready for a black president, just not Barack Obama,,, The way The Democratic party handle this election with the Corporate Media propaganda the whole election, Turned this election upside down,, Obama could of ran over someone,, like Haley Berry, No one would care and still vote,, Obama..
    There several million Voter right now like my self, will not ever vote for Barack Obama, Many like my self will be Voting for McCain, my reason is simple,, the Obama voter came on CNN & MSNBC and said if obama does not win the primary, Obama supporter will vote for McCain, Democratic party did not do anything to the obama camp to stop ,, why is obama party splitting the party in half, Now pelosi and many other are blaming Hilary and kept on with the propaganda Corporate Media, Obama Said on the new so many time,, does not Matter, if your Democrat or Republican,, you want the right person for the right Job,, He is so right,,when He said that we wanted Hilary,, Well Congrats to Obama his supporter got him to the primary,,,but He will never win the election,, for President, I will not stop with my blogging,, who is the best man for the job between Barack & McCain,, will vote for McCain he will be way better than Barack Obama, I can put up for McCain for 4 years and Hilary Can run again, Pelosi and the rest of the democrat party,, days are number at this point, For pushing Hilary out and ruining her Career, Even now During Clinton Exit speech,, Democratic party Told Hilary if she does not back there little puppet Barack Obama they will ruin her career,, In my opinion They all ready Ruined Hilary Clinton Career, Right Now I am going listen to one thing Barack Obama said, and that is, like I said, it does not matter if your Democrat or republican who is the right person for the job,,,, Hillary supporter need to stick together, Vote for McCain or just not vote for we need the right person,,, Hilary is up on stage right now saying what pelosi and the democratic party are telling her what to do,, or Economy is down and the way the propaganda Media is,, we are turning into a 3rd world country,, by rigging the election thru the media, Hilary Supporter who really want Hilary to be president Need to vote for McCain or just not Vote for Barack Obama, let McCain win,, there nothing more he can do as president, Congress will not let him it Congress who controls everything,, not the president, Pelosi and the a lot of the democratic party ruined Hilary Career, If all Hilary Voter, stick together, than We can restore Hilary Career and make her President, in 4 years. if you vote for Obama we have to wait maybe 8 years or 4 years and republican will be office, if Obama wins the presidency he will only be 4 year term,,, I say give all your supporter not to the democratic party, but to Hilary Clinton.. democratic party needs all of them need to leave office and get fresh people in there, who can unite the party not keep it separated and force unity, to who they want not who the voter want,, Hilary would of won this election, DNC screwed her with Florida and Michigan if those vote were counted at the beginning she would of won this race along time ago..and for the sexist Media, Like CNN & MSNBC… will continue to not report the new but Make it up as they see fit, All Hilary supporter need to unit together.. and stick together,, Margaret Thatcher was prime Minister 30 years ago,, but American Men and New Bias, is keeping woman down for personal gain, Like Keith Oberman, & Chris Mathews Who are the biggest Sexist on this MSNBC stations

  2. Hi Loki,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Please keep in touch as we move through the general election.