Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Antics of Pets While Their Owner’s on the Phone

Photo credits: Melinda Morgan
On this fine Sunday afternoon when all is ready and I’m waiting for my dinner guest to arrive, it occurred to me that Katalusis readers might enjoy a little diversion from politics as usual.

Here’s the deal: When my friend Melinda and I visit long distance on the phone, her pets, Cassidy (the bird) and Jackson (the dog), much like young children, get into all kinds of things. But the day Cassidy, who has his own birdbath, decided to bathe in Jackson’s water dish took the prize. Melinda just happens to be a talented photographer who enjoys photographing animals and in my opinion, the above pics are priceless.


  1. yes, the pictures of pets 'home alone' are delightful!
    And thanks for the visit, I appreciate it very much. Come back soon!

    PS: An interesting link you might enjoy, I don't care for where Krauthammer is coming from (ie. the last line), but I sure like where the rest of the article went, enjoy.

    The Ever-Malleable Mr. Obama, Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Sharmajee!

    Yes, I had read Krauthammer's column and agree with you about that despicable last line.

    Keep in touch. I love hearing from Katalusis' readers. That's what keeps me going!

  3. Love your pets! Too cute!

  4. Hi anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos of Cassidy and Jackson. Please do keep in touch.