Thursday, June 26, 2008

Caucus Reader Speaks Out: “Misogyny is Not Acceptable”

This is a case where a reader’s comment by Carol Lemeiux easily upstages the original post by Michael Falcone titled Clinton Strikes Unity Theme at the Caucus in today’s NY Times.

Falcone was covering a speech given by Sen. Hillary Clinton in which she repeatedly urged her ardent Hispanic followers to get behind Barack Obama. Falcone noted:

“And while her call to rally around the Illinois senator was met with hearty applause, there was still a lot of support in the room for Mrs. Clinton, who spoke at an annual meeting of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, a prominent Hispanic political group. In the midst of her speech, one woman shouted, “We love you, Hillary!” And before she began, Mrs. Clinton was greeting by a nearly minute-long standing ovation.”

Clinton concluded her speech, according to Falcone’s report, with these words:

‘“I will never forget you. When it comes to the Latino community in our country, you can count on me. I will be there for you as your advocate, your partner and your friend.”’

As usual a number of Obama supporters registered their compulsive Hillary-hatred in the comments that followed.

Also as usual, several Clinton followers, who have already “gotten over it” since the primary and fallen in line behind Obama, urged their former cohorts to merge with the Obama flock and live happily ever after in the land of Democratic party unity.

It was left to Carol Lemieux in Comment Number 13 to nail it for the rest of Hillary’s supporters who cannot make peace with the ugliness of the sexism and misogyny that assailed the New York senator in her campaign throughout the Democratic primary.

Katalusis salutes Carol Lemeiux for her comment on June 26, 2008, 4:37 p.m. at the Caucus in the NY Times:

Hillary is doing what she needs to do. However, millions of her supporters remain upset about the misogyny of the media and Democratic establishment and this is not something we’re going to “get over”. It’s something that we, as a society need to DO something about.

While Hillary is doing “the responsible thing” in supporting Obama, I think there’s a larger issue here that must also be addressed openly and honestly on behalf of the women of America and future female candidates for President.

After the all out war on Senator Clinton, now pressure on Hillary voters has begun: we are being pressed to fall into line behind Barack & the Democratic party, simply because the media & Democratic “leaders” say we must. (They use the unspoken fear of “what if”, just as the Republicans have in the past.

Attempts to sweep what was done to Senator Clinton (and all women) under the rug–while insisting on “party unity”–is also outrageous. Misogyny is not acceptable–it’s a very serious problem that needs to be addressed.

18 million voters who supported, and witnessed, the way Hillary was “beaten up” are not going to go quietly away. This was clearly meant to be a message to all women.

I will write Hillary’s name in on November’s ballot.

— Posted by Carol Lemieux


  1. Yes, the misogyny is now turned on her supporters by the DNC and the presumptive nominee. Vote for us or else! I hope no self respecting woman condones this behavior at the polls in Nov. They have made it clear they care nothing about women. Just looking at the IL. Senator or hearing him I cringe.

    Last night on Greta Nancy Pelosi gave an interview and said she didn't notice the sexism in the campaign because she was too busy with her job. These people are certifiably insane I tell you.

  2. You got it, Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by.