Monday, June 23, 2008

So, Clinton Supporters: What Do We Want, and What Must We Get Over?

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Kate Phillips has a post at the Caucus (NY Times) this evening, titled Obama’s ‘Get Over It’ Moment.

Phillips begins:

“The Republicans are having fun with a simple phrase Senator Barack Obama apparently, reportedly, purportedly, used during a meeting with members of the Congressional Black Caucus last week.

‘“Women, loyal to Senator Hillary Clinton, will ‘get over it,’ he reportedly told C.B.C. lawmakers, once they learn what Senator John McCain’s positions are on women’s issues.”’

Phillips follows up by citing a post by Jake Tapper and Kate Snow at ABC News, and she concludes with several questions that those of us who continue to support Hillary Clinton might want to consider:

“But isn’t it also plausible that it doesn’t help the so-called “healing” of the Democratic Party to use phrases like they’ll “get over it” with women who aren’t the type to run out and buy the latest Michelle Obama dress off the rack? What if they just stay home, or at work?

“Or don’t vote?

‘“We’d guess the most important question for this election cycle, now, given Senator Clinton’s failure to clinch the nomination, is, not as she said, ‘What Does Hillary Want?’ but again, to borrow from the old feminist book title, ‘What Do Women Want?’

That’s a question both Republicans and Democrats are asking, with that predominant voting bloc — albeit not monolithic — of women voters, mothers and single women, elderly and young, out there, watching and listening. And hearing.

And wondering. What is it that they have to get over?”’

So, Katalusis readers, what do you think women want and what is it that we have to get over?

Your comments are always appreciated!

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  1. Women don't have to "get over " anything. They should be respected, should be simple. Apparently not so simple considering this primary cycle. Women have been openly disrespected in a way that should not be taken lightly.

    Our vote is being taken for granted, and our needs pushed aside. If what the Dnc and the presumptive nominee did to women this primary season isn't akin to an abusive relationship, I don't know what is. Women need to take a stand get their voice and power back. Falling in line isn't going to accomplish this goal. Falling in line will set a horrible precedant for coming generation. We should never forget.