Sunday, June 22, 2008

“Two Men Who Really Want to be President”

Joan Venochi, writing for the Boston Globe, doesn’t mention Hillary Clinton’s name, but I couldn’t help thinking of the first serious female candidate when I read Venochi’s lead:

‘“THERE IS no ‘straight talk.’ There isn't ‘a different kind of politics.’ There are just two men who really want to be president.”

Two men who want to be president, indeed, plus the haunting presence of the woman the media repeatedly and brutally bashed in their efforts to force her out of the Democratic race.

Venochi sounds fed up with Barack Obama and John McCain in her op-ed this morning, and what rational American citizen would not be? She goes on to catalog Obama’s fall from his haloed posturing throughout the Democratic primary to “politics as usual” and McCain’s abandonment of any pretense to come clean with the public on where he actually stands on major issues.

Clinton supporters still numb with grief for how their candidate was treated throughout the primary can only shake their heads at Obama’s suddenly more visible old Chicago-style inner politician, recently nicknamed “Fast Eddie” by David Brooks.

To read Venochi’s entire column, go here.

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